Tag: South Africa

FSDG – Cape Town MSFS

Plot a new flight plan to South Africa, so you can install and enjoy the new MSFS scenery of FSDG : Cape Town FACT. Their

South World Scenery – FAOR New Pics

Simmers with patience will be awarded a nice looking scenery in South Africa, according to South World Scenery latest post at Facebook. The development of OR

FSDG – Cape Town XP11

FACT airport in South Africa is now a great airport scenery complete with surroundings for X-Plane 11. At Cape Town, FSDG installed animated jetways using

FSDG – Cape Town FSX P3D

After La Romana Lite, this week sees another product launch by FSDG.. in South Africa now. Cape Town FACT is a detailed scenery for P3D

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