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No Limit Sky – Myrtle Beach MSFS

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Flying around and landing at Myrtle Beach will give multiple opportunities, like flying over the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean on final in case of northbound wind, or there’s also a beautiful golfclub right behind the airport. No Limit Sky launched this new airport of South Carolina for MSFS at…


FSXcenery – Columbia KCAE

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Columbia Metropolitain Airport now makes part of the photoreal sceneries collection by FSXcenery. KCAE airport is in South Carolina and its model received the usual features of these makers : Autogen buildings around the airport, and custom buildings and lights for the airport itself.

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Megascenery Earth cover South Carolina

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With locations within its borders such as Charleston, South Carolina has played a large part in US history over the years. It’s also the latest state covered by MegaScenery Earth’s relentless drive to cover the entire United States of America with photorealistic scenery in FSX. As ever, the product covers…