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Aerosoft – Airport Split XP11

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Airport Split by Aerosoft for X-Plane 11 is actually a bundle of 3 sceneries : Airport Split (LDSP), Resnik seaport (LDSR) and the military base Divulje (LDHD) with its helipad airport. All these Croatian places have realistic details and interesting features as listed on the product page at simMarket, like…


Davor Puljevic – Split Airport LDSP in MSFS

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After Zagreb, Split LDSP is the second airport in Croatia, well known by the designer Davor Puljevic who already designed other versions of the scenery for simulators like P3D and FSX. We’re not surprised to see that his new product is made for MSFS. This new release is not bounded…


Davor Puljevic – Split Airport LDSP P3D V5 V4

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This Croatian scenery is an up-to-date reproduction of Split Airport LDSP,, including the major expansions and reconstruction of the actual site. P3D 5 simmers will see sloped runways, but the other features are common with P3D 4.5. In fact, the product also include the Military Base “Divujle”  LDHD with surroundings,…


Davor Puljevic – Split Airport P3D V5/V4.5 Preview

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Author of various Croatian sceneries on sale at simMarket, Davor Puljevic sent us the announcement of the upcoming scenery Split, for P3D V5/V4.5 to include a sloped runway and HD photoreal terrain. “Split (LDSP) is one of the three main airports in Croatia (LDZA, LDDU and LDSP). Airport is situated…


Aerosoft – Split X

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httpv:// It’s an invitation to Croatia that is difficult to decline. Aerosoft Split X is a complete scenery of the Capital of Dalmatia, with 3 detailed locations : “Split airport (LDSP), Resnik seaport Croatia (LDSR) and the Military Base Divujle (LDHD) with its Helipad”. In order to create a nice and realistic…