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Captain of the Ship v.1.1 Update Released

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Happy pilots of the A2A Simulations 377 with Captain of the Ship expansion installed can update their advanced pilot and crew add-on. The long list of enhancements and fixes of this version 1.1 and the download link are found in their forum here.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Captain of the Ship from A2A Simulations Released

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httpv:// The team at A2A Simulations have been pretty quiet since the release of their Supermarine Spitfire project, but teasers and torture aplenty for their fans have been followed up by the release of one of the “secret projects” they have been working on. “Captain of the Ship” is an…


A2A Simulation Captain of the Ship – 377 Stratocruiser expansion

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httpv:// Here is the actual project under develpment at A2A Simulation workshop, based on the 377 Stratocruiser. And the features sound very interesting : many new sounds, live engineer, natural speech module, career, virtual flight attendant… Find out more details and manual download in their forum.


A2A Stratocruiser And Extension Pack

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Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations reports that he “…… has released the long awaited Wings of Silver Boeing 377 Stratocruiser along with the first of a brand new technology line of realism expansion packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. These two simultaneous releases represent a quantum leap forward for A2A…