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MilViz – More Aircraft For P3D V4

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Added to the F-86D Sabre, and the F-100D Super Sabre, Milviz now count 3 products more in the Prepared V4 aircraft category. Their Cessna C310R, T-38A Jet Trainer and the T-38A Advanced are also compatible with the latest version of P3D. The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.

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Milviz Advanced Series T-38A Talon Review

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Late last year, Milviz released the T-38A Talon Advanced, a follow-up to their 2011 T-38A Jet Trainer. The main new features in the Advanced version are a custom flight dynamics and physics model, failure and damage modelling and a new, custom, flight control system. Intrigued, I got myself a T-38,…


Milviz – T-38A tutorial video

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httpv:// Milviz have a new tutorial video to help you manage their T-38A. This advanced guide will give you the instructions and guidelines from startup to landing.

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MilViz lines up a Labor Day sale

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Military Vizualisations (MilViz) have announced a 50% sale on all of their products starting from today, until 4th September. Whether your interest lies in the brute force of the F-15E shown above, the classic T-38A jet trainer or taking a slower ride with their C310R or B55 Baron GA twins,…


Milviz – T-38A Jet Trainer

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Real T-38A pilots made part of the development team with Milviz to produce this accurate replica. The complete presentation and features list can be read at simMarket.