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Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel XP 10/11

Explore the photoreal scenery of Berlin-Tegel EDDT in X-Plane 10 or 11. Aerosoft raised the quality with advanced features that include animations, night effects and

Aerosoft – Berlin Tegel is Out !

Opened in 1948, Berlin Tegel still remains as the main airport of Berlin until Brandenburg opens. After its modernization in 1970’s in order to remplace

GAP3 2012 X boxed version available

For users that prefer their airports to come with packaging wrapped round them rather than as downloads, Aerosoft‘s updated German Airports 3 2012 X package

German Airports 3 2012 video

httpv:// This video shows well the vehicles animations, night effects and airport scenery insertion in the FSX world you could find in German Airports 3.

Berlin Tegel Preview

At Aerosoft developers are working on a new versin of the Berliner Tegel Airport (EDDT) and you can get to see some of the action

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