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FeelThere – Las Vegas For Tower!3D / Tower!3D PRO

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Las Vegas McCarran KLAS is a particularly challenging and interesting airport addon for Tower!3D or Tower!3D PRO because it’s a busy international airport with 4 runways. Control hundreds of flights every day from your tower position at Las Vegas in a realistic environment. And you can also add real traffic world…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

FeelThere – KLAS Las Vegas for Tower!3D

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McCarran Airport at Las Vegas can now be added to Tower! 3D . Just their other airports, assign runways to the AI traffic for takeoff and landing, make them follow your taxiways intructions, and manage the whole traffic in and out. Of course, you need the base game : Tower!…


Feelthere Announces Tower!3D

By 0 In Feelthere’s latest press release, they announced “The Latest Generation Of Its Tower! Simulator – Tower!3D”. Tower!3D Is the next tower simulator following in line after their Tower!2011 product which was released many years ago. Initial release can be expected this Spring followed by their “Pro” version later in the year…