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TS2015 takes on “Epic” proportions

Rather than just release their new Soldier Summit route for Train Simulator 2015 as a regular DLC pack, developers Dovetail Games have given it an entire

Peppercorn A2 joins TS2015 stock

If you were (or are) a child growing up in the UK, then the name “Blue Peter” means a TV programme that’s probably older than

Aerosoft Mosel Valley TS2015

Tunnel, bridges, lakes and valleys, Aerosoft has developed a charming route expansion for Train Simulator 2015. Explore this Mosel region over the North of France, Belgium

Train Sim 2015 – Trains in development

Among the current developments running at Dovetail Games for Train Sim 2015, two trains addons will be particularly appreciated by the community I guess, the

TrackIR supports Train Sim 2015

According to the official blog of Train Simulator 2015,, it appears that their sim will make part of the hundreds of games already supported by

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