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AUscene – Ayers Rock Uluru YAYE Airport in MSFS

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You’re welcome in the Outback Australia where you can fly around the Ayers Rock and land at its very detailed airport scenery. AUscene added static helicopters and they designed very high definition textures for both exterior and interior of the buildings. Get ready for a quality MSFS product !


RIM&Company – Ayers Rock V1 X-Plane 10/11

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The first scenery add-on of RIM&Company has a large amount of details and detailed objets in and around Ayers Rock Connellan Airport (YAYE), Australia. Designed for X-Plane 11 and 10, the whole terrain coverage of 25.000 sq. kilometers comes with custom buildings and static planes, vehicles and 3D people.


Aerosoft – Ayers Rock

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If the Australian airport of Cornellan (YAYE) doesn’t sound familiar to you, the Ayers Rock (or Uluru) shoud look like something you’ve already seen at least on TV or on paper. FSDG and Aerosoft made a complete scenery around the big sandstone rock, with photoreal HD terrain and the detailed airport.…