The simFlight Network, the World’s Flight Simulation Network, is dedicated to providing the best Flight Simulation information, resources and services on the Internet.

Through our Global Network of dedicated Flight Simulation Web Sites and with the dedication of our worldwide staff we deliver the most comprehensive coverage of Flight Simulation events on the Internet today.

First published in March 1997 as the internet follow-up of the largest European Flight Simulation dedicated BBS system, The Airliner BBS, it has grown to the prime source for Flight Simulation activity covering all ranges of this vast hobby.

Based on mankind’s fascination for flight and the success of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series this hobby appeals to young and old, to real world pilots as much as to high school students. People from every country, race and social standing join together over the internet to take part in one of the largest active hobby communities in existence.

The simFlight Network is right in the middle of it, doing it’s best to serve and support this community. It’s the Web address people bookmark for their daily hobby news and reference.

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