Author: Sebastien

Fly Sim Server – Smoke System 2011

Feel prouder with unique screenshots using FSX and FS2004 custom effects brought by Fly Sim Server. They add wet runway effects or engines smokes effects

Icarusgold – Grumman Duck

Icarusgold latest entry at simMarket is the Grumman Duck biplane, whose virtual cockpit looks stunning. Take your helmet and jacket, you’re ready for a flight

Oshkoshsim – Catalina Island X

The Catalina Island has been available for FS2004 since 2009 already, the awaited FSX version is now also available here. It’s not just the same

FlightBeam – KSFO by night

FlightBeam posted some news many awaiting simmers will welcome. They are still working on the final touch of SFO airport scenery, and the latest preview

Orbx – More FTX sceneries

The bush pilots and other GA fanatics have more Aerosoft boxes of Orbx detailed sceneries available for  purchase. Visit the respective products pages : FTX

TSS – Airbus 330 RR Trent700 Soundpack

httpv:// If you don’t work as ground marshaller near the Airbus A330, TSS has a realistic soundpack to make you taste this in FSX or

OMSI – Omnibus Simulator

In Omnibus Simulator sends you to West Berlin in late 1980’s where you can drive authentic buses in this new realistic simulator. Among all features,

Area 51 Simulations landed

simMarket has received 6 new military aircraft products for FSX / FS2004 from Area 51 Simulations, featuring detailed exterior and interior models with bump mapping

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