Milviz – North American F-86 Sabre P3D v4

The marvellous F-86 Sabre model for P3D v4 by Milviz is here at simMarket. This is the exclusive pack for use with the latest Prepar3D edition. For FSX and/or P3D v2/v3, you must select another product.

Pilots equipped with VRS TacPack can better use the F-86 Sabre TacPack Edition available here.


F-86 to take flight in DCS World

The skies of DCS World will soon be occupied by another aviation classic from developers Belsimtech – the F-86F Sabre.


Milviz Sabre released

An icon of the early Cold War, the North American F-86 Sabre was the USAF’s first swept wing fighter and lived on in operational service right through until the early 1990s, with almost 10,000 aircraft built including those by licensees.

Developed for Microsoft FSX + Acceleration (or “Gold”), the MilViz version of this aviation classic […]

Milviz F-86 Sabre preview

It seems like Milviz took this one out of the museum and made it fly in FSX ! Military Visualisations made an outstanding work on the textures of their upcoming F-86 Sabre.

Look out the entire preview album and their forum for close-up views of the bump mapping effects.


Don’t Try This At Home

Found on the Avweb news flash this morning a little article about a private owner of a beautiful F-86 Sea Fury, coming in for landing on Pensacola….. and ‘forgetting’ a small but important detail of his memorized checklist. The landing gear ! Check out the photos here.


Amazing Video of the F-86 Sabre

If you followed the announcement and our review of the excellent freeware F-86 Sabre release by Sector8, watch this extremly well made video named ‘Wingman’ and made by Eddy:

Fantastic Freeware F-86 Sabre Released Now

The Section F8 F-86E and F Sabres have been released! This package features a wonderful model and texture set designed by Jan Visser, systems simulation by Hansjorge Naegle, flight dynamics by Rob Young, and testing by real F-86 pilots! Find screenshots and info at and download the package and its many paints […]

Jan Visser c.s. Opens F-86 Sabre Website

Many of you have been waiting for news on Jan’s FS9 Sabre F-86. Well, here is some news: Jan opened a dedicated website, called SectionF8, and the first use of it of course is to provide support for the F-86 that is due for release any minute now! On it you will find […]