Jan Visser c.s. Opens F-86 Sabre Website

Many of you have been waiting for news on Jan’s FS9 Sabre F-86. Well, here is some news: Jan opened a dedicated website, called SectionF8, and the first use of it of course is to provide support for the F-86 that is due for release any minute now! On it you will find screenshots of the fabulous model, information about its builders, and the manual (already there for download NOW!) which is a true work of art in itself. Jan is most known for his work for MAAM-Sim and is one of the world’s finest FS artists. The F-86 is freeware! Check out his website and watch for the release soon!

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  1. Far out ..this looks amazing – and freeware! Thanks for the HU as I have never heard about this model before.

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