FS2Crew – Majestic Q400 64Bit Edition

It’s required if you want to combine FS2Crew airline crew management simulation and Majestic Q400 in P3D v4 : the new 64Bit Edition of FS2Crew is now ready.

The Canadian based company converted their code to the new 64 bit programming. In the new product, you also get now directly added the Global Flight Officer […]

Last Hours of Black Friday : Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro at 33% OFF

simMarket huge sales will end in a few hours, for most of them. Don’t miss your chance to grab for example the Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 in its Pro Edition with an incredible rebate of 33% OFF.

FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Update v3.0

FS2Crew invites their customer of FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 to update to version 3.0. This way, they will get the new flight officer voice set of U.K. , the fix of Transition Altitude / Transition Level in the button control edition,, and the Missing Asian Mastery Battery sound.

How to proceed ? Make sure […]

Majestic Q300 Status Update

A rather unexpected update regarding Majestic’s upcoming Q300. Take a read below and be sure to take a look at their Facebook page for more of the images.


Majestic Software – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition Review

In November 2015, Majestic Software released their Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition, an extension to their highly acclaimed Q400 Pilot’s Edition. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the entire product, not just the features that differentiate the Pro Edition from the Pilot’s Edition. So let’s go, shall we?


Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 PRO Version Released

The Majestic Dash 8 Q400 is now available on the simMarket store! You can purchase it full price if you are a new customer, although if you happen to own the previous pilot version then you are eligible for a €25 upgrade fee by simply logging into the same account as previous.


Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Version First-Looks by Emanuel Hagen

Emanuel Hagen, one of the Aerosoft forum moderators was privileged enough to be sent the Dash 8 Pro release candidate version by Majestic themselves. Having published his post in a few Facebook groups, he kindly allowed me to republish it here and on v-aviation.net.


Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Release Date!

Oleksiy has just announced on the OVPA stream this evening that the release date for the Dash 8 Q400 Pro version is on the 18th November (Give or take a few days) Looks like the JustFlight email was near enough correct after all… You can either purchase it outright or purchase an upgrade from […]

Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 Another Update

Another Majestic Q400 update has been released. It can be installed over the 1.016 or 1.017 beta1/RC1 version and can be downloaded directly from the Majestic user area on their site. The changes have been added to the read-me file, which is shown at the end of the installation process and one of the […]

Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Previews

Simeon over on the Majestic page has released a few rather nice shots of the HUGS which shall be included in the upcoming Pro version of their Dash 8. All I can say is it’s looking great and I cant wait for the new version.

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