Guru3D Looks at Power Supply

This time Guru3D looks at BFG’s for a product review, specifically their new ES line of power supplies “……and guys, this might be the black sheep of PSU’s, as looking at it from a bit of distance It’s a regular, non out of the ordinary PSU. Black, nothing modular, looks are okay though. That literally was my first impression. Then I hooked it up, ‘is it switched on yet ?” ‘Yeah it is’, I just didn’t hear a thing. Pure silence…..”.

“…..Nice sleeved and long cables was my second impression. Wow. Then I stumble into the PCIe connectors for your graphics card(s). Four of them where two of these have additional 2-pin header making them 8-pin compatible. This editor slowly starts to smile now, then he looks at the AMPs distribution for the voltage rails 3 & 4 for 12 Volts dedicated to graphics. Woah, 36 Amps a piece, that’s massive.

Probably this is one of the best power supplies we ever tested here at, be sure to check out the review!……”. :

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