Browsing: simMarket It’s in Chile where LatinVFR send the simmers to land at the very beautiful airport scenery of the capital : Santiago SCEL. A lot of work have been put in this scenery design, it’s obvious when

After Toronto CYYZ, Globall Art has a natural move to another Canadian airport in Quebec, CYUL – Montreal – Trudeau. HDR textures and animated ground traffic, are listed among other features. It’s already configured for various plugins to enable AI traffic, animated gates,, de-ice system…

In Switzerland, walk on the dock to get onboard your Piper Super Cub Amphibian. And fly one of the three seaplane missions included in DFS – Swiss Seaplane Pilot for P3D4. Yes, the scenery is also part of the product content.

If an airport scenery deserves your interest when the objects are numerous and detailed, when there are plenty of animations like “animated ambient passengers inside the Terminal”, so you should consider Cologne-Bonn Professional P3D4 as a serious option. In winter, there will be also special snow effects. Expect a new level of details set by the designer Jo Erlend Sund.

Ready to fly in P3D v4/v2 and FSX, the realistic package of the PA-30 Twin Comanche by Milviz is focused on the flight dynamics and avionics accuracy. For example, the developers programmed a custom and advanced KAP 140 Autopilot. Note also that popular features like True Glass, Real Light, REX/Milviz WX Advantage Radar are also included.

In Florida, USA, there’s a new and small airport scenery modelled with its photoreal terrain over 20 square kilometers with custom Autogen items and, of course, the airport buildings at X10 Belle Glade State Municipal. Static aircraft and cars have been also added to improve the realism in P3D v4/v3. More screenshots are visible at

After La Romana Lite, this week sees another product launch by FSDG.. in South Africa now. Cape Town FACT is a detailed scenery for P3D v4/v3 and FSX too. It has advanced features like dynamic lights in P3D4, and you can easily add SODE animated jetways too.

The capital airport of Belgium has been released for X-Plane 11. Brussels EBBR by JustSim is a perfect addition to your European hubs collection. They designed the airport and its surroundings with very nice looking textures and objects and ground vehicles are busy driving around to their daily duties.

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