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Hamburg EDDH is the fifth most important airport in Germany, and simmers in need of an updated version will certainly be interested in the new version 2 by JustSim on sale at simMarket. Several new items and enhancements add make-up in the scenery, like SODE jetways and VDGS units at the parkings. Moreover, the terminals, buildings, Autogen and terrain have been also upgraded since the previous version.

Kenia is the new African destination that appeared among the airports sceneries of FSDG. It’s a Lite product, focused on the airport itself, modelling the infrastructure serving the capital Nairobi (HKJK).

Fly The Maddog X is ready for Take-off in P3D V5 skies. Available at simMarket, it’s recommended by experienced simmers as one of the best airliners for flight simming. The reduced price depends on the previous version you may own, if you had the 64 bit version (P3D v4+), or if you had the 32 bit version (FSX/P3D V3). It will be automatically applied when you login with your regular customer account. Only the Base Pack featuring the MD-82 is a payware upgrade. In case you also have the expansion MD-83/MD-88, it’s a freeware upgrade available in your history order.…

After watching the video, it’s easy to understand what’s the high interest in getting WMBT Tioman Island scenery for P3D. And the new version of this island scenery in Malaysia is compatible with both P3D v5 and v4. If you got v4 product earlier, the new version is yours for free at simMarket.

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