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The major airport of Cologne / Bonn (EDDK) in Germany has been released for X-Plane 11. With Aerosoft scenery, a large area is covered with a photoreal and seasonal terrain. 3D passengers and ground crew are animated. And if you SAM plug-in, animated jetways / stairs, and docking systems or Marshallers are included.

Between Leipzig and Frankfurt, Erfurt airport is a medium size airport in Germany that you can install in P3D4. Purchase the new scenery published by Aerosoft and discover many details on the terrain, the airport signs and equipments, up to the 3D passengers (SODE animated).

Carenado introduced another business jet and accurately modelled for X-Plane 11 pilots : the Beechcraft 390 Premier IA. Optimized for Virtual Reality devices and with its FMOD soundset, this pack is a great addition to your virtual hangar.

The very high quality model of the ATR 42-500 designed for P3D v4/v3 and FSX by Carenado is available at simMarket. Calibrate your screen and open your eyes to get ready for the 4096×4096 pixels textures and their PBR effects (in P3D v4).

The first X-Plane scenery development by Vidan Design is progressing well : have a look at the preview update of Aalborg EKYT. Out of the custom buildings, the ground markings and airport objects up to the grass, all items look very realistic already.

New at simMarket, the version 2 for P3D4 of the multirole fighter Eurofighter Typhoon by FlyFreeStd is online. Specialists of the military aircraft, they designed both one seater and two seater versions and you can use the realistic HMD – Helmed Mounted Display – or HUD. More information at simMarket.

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