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This time, the new Discover Pack series of FranceVFR will actually require some French knowledge because these are sightseeing tour guides in French to fly over a few regions : French Riviera, Languedoc Roussillon, Auvergne. Their texts and audio in French describe and give “tourist, geographical, cultural and/or historical information of the places overflown”. Each title includes more than 200 points of interest, with flight plans and missions, for P3D v5/v4.

A big outing this week, for P3D5, perfect for demanding simmers, here is the American airport of Indianapolis KIND from Taxi2Gate. The realistic buildings with detailed and animated walkways (SODE) also come with PBR textures and many static objects and hand placed Autogen.

Enhance your approach entertainment or even start a VFR flight over the Austrian and famous capital with the addition of numerous monuments, points of interest and custom buildings featured in Vienna Landmarks MSFS. Prealsoft applied PBR materials on them for the best visuals. To showcase their regional airport in the Southern region Provence in France, LMT Simulation published the official trailer of Avignon Caumont LFMV for Flight Simulator. Their video introduces close-up views of the apron textures, PBR wet effects and buildings details.

You like to fly in United Kingdom but you want more sceneries of the Northern regions like Scotland ? Your patience will be rewarded : UK2000 released Glasgow 2020HD for MSFS at simMarket. It’s well optimized for the new generation simulator, with PBR materials and smooth integration into the default scenery.

The store announced yesterday night the next sequence of FREE products, each one available for 24 hours if you visit every day. Continuing their Stay At Home gifts series, here is your list that you should keep in mind: ⮞ today Monday February 22ndYD DESIGN – NORTH CENTRAL STATE AIRPORT-KSFZ MSFS ⮞ Tuesday February 23rdPROJECT COASTLINE TEAM – MSEMBE AIRPORT HTNI MSFS ⮞ Wednesday February 24thFOREST STUDIO – SKYSHARE: SHARED COCKPIT CONTROLS MSFS

The second airport designed by Terrainy Studios is another Greek scenery but not too far from the first one, Samos. We’re still on an island, in the Aegean Sea : Ikaria LGIK is a complete pack with numerous landmarks and a large use of high definition textures.

Brussels EBBR has an important place among the European international airports. Serving the capital of Belgium where are also located some of the European Union administrative and political centers explain a part of the numerous passengers traffic. Now you can visit the big airport also from the point of view of a pilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator when you order the new scenery of JustSim. Maybe with a reduced price if you own an older version.

Jetstream Designs has already a long experience in quality scenery design, so you should not wonder too long if Milano Linate LIML for MSFS finds the good balance between advanced modelling and performance. The Italian airport also includes animated jetways, static aircraft, proof here again that the designers team knows what most simmers are looking for.

The main airport of Spain at Madrid Barajas LEMD is designed with excellent and custom textures using PBR materials, so you can expect a great mix of details and visual effects in MSFS. And just in case that you are not convinced enough by the airport features, LatinVFR adds dozens of realistic monuments, buildings, stadiums or places in the nearby city.

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