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New product to please the fans of British military aircraft of the WWII era :  Firefly F1, FR1 & NF1 pack models the Fairey Firefly ! Bravo Zulu included “extended range tanks and 60lb rockets”, the AN/APS-6 radar display and 10 liveries.

New invitation to fly over the beautiful and photoreal scenery of FranceVFR : now in Alsace VFR 3DA for P3D4. It’s not a flat and small area : wide and full region, with custom and dense Autogen for both buildings and vegetation, accurately placed, and completed with custom landmarks for a complete environment  perfect for VFR flights.

FLYDESIGN – EPSY OLSZTYN-MAZURY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 2018 X-PLANE 10/11 : Polish detailed scenery with nice features like 3D lights and vegetation. FLYDESIGN – EPKK JOHN PAUL II INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT KRAKOW 2018 X-PLANE 10/11 : Famous airport of Krakow, Poland, featuring 3D lights, vegetation, animated ground services vehicles, HD textures and more JUSTTRAINS – CHILTERN MAIN LINE LONDON TO BIRMINGHAM : accurate route for Train Simulator 2018, with 40 custom train stations, and 14 scenarios included FLYDESIGN – EPSY OLSZTYN-MAZURY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 2018 P3D4 : detailed airport in Poland for P3D4 with HD buildings, dynamic lights and custom ground polygons PERFECT FLIGHT PROJECT -…

MK-Studios launch a modern scenery of Lisbon P3D4. The main airport of the capital city in Portugal exists now with SODE single and double jetways, water accumulation on the taxiways/runways, interactive holding points lights and many more. During a few days, their previous products can be purchased with a 30% discount.

Are you interested in a serious Airbus A319 simulation for X-Plane ? New at simMarket, the ToLiss 319 includes an advanced FMGS with the ability to load SID/STAR procedures, to manage the alternate flight plan, performance prediction, with full VNAV, fuel, speed limits, deceleration points, altitude and speed constraints.. There are more features introduced on the product page. The pack also comes with detailed 3D models of CFM and IAE engines variants, and the custom sound set of Turbine Sound Studios for CFM engines.

Discover and fly the two seat trainer of Ikarus C42C, many aspects of the aircraft are modelled and reproduced with high accuracy by vFlyteAir Simulations Inc for X-Plane 11. Among the advanced features, the VR compatibility and FMOD sounds, or the preflight inscpections, there are enough items to keep you busy a few hours until you explor!

Customers of the A320 Family Bundle Professional fir P3D4 can now download the Airbus A320/A321, added to their simMarket account. If you have waited for the Airbus A320/A321 Professional P3D4 pack, here it is. Aerosoft raised the 3D modelling quality and performance. It receives also RealLight and TrueGlass features.

Baghdad, Kuwait, Cairo.. Armi Project already published various quality sceneries in the Middle-East region. Their latest release is the P3D4 adaptation of Tehran Intl (OIIE) in Iran. designed with custom ground markings, satellite textures on the terrain. Its static jetways can be changed with SODE animated jetways if you have GSX + the Expansion Level 2.

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