Browsing: simMarket Hangar Studios 713 made public their first update v1.0.1 to their aircraft pack Camair 480 Twin Navion for MSFS. It’s already available on simMarket servers for the registered owners. Changelog v1.0.1 Added : Manifold Pressure Gauge, RPM Gauge, Glareshield, Seats, Side Panel, Interior Registration, Circuit Breaker Flags Fixed : Interior textures on seats, carpet, canopy, CDI’s, various cosmetic fixesEngine : Decreased minimum throttle for idle They are already working on the next update, version 1.0.2. It should be ready by the weekend. It will Include new engine 3d model and a new functioning rear cargo door, clickable, and with…

SoFly and WTFlightSim produced an interesting scenery of a remote destination and international airport : fly to the Easter Island in Chile, and explore Mataveri International SCIP for MSFS. It can serve general aviation and larger airlines aircraft, surrounded by excellent 3D objects, realistic buildings, accurage signage and even iconic statues. You must watch their official trailer and visit simMarket at least for curiosity.

Cyprus makes part of the numerous spots to visit in the Mediterranean Sea. And don’t forget that it’s an island, so it ranks up in your wishlist just upon this criteria. That’s why you should consider the latest MSFS entry from MXI Design : the international airport of LCPH Paphos. The animated passengers, PBR features and some 3D interior visible inside the airport buildings may end to make a decision. Visit simMarket. Very close to LAX International in California, the airport that AG Sim introduced at simMarket for MSFS makes you fly in final either over Penmar Golf Course or the Rancho Park Golf Academy. It’s Santa Monica KSMO and it’s available now. Watch the official trailer above and enjoy the ultra high resolution textures at 8192×8192 pixels with PBR effects, sloped terrain and even more features. They also have fantastic Swiss and Austrian airfields to check in the store.

There is a new twin engine aircraft for MSFS for sale at simMarket and coming from Hangar Studios 713. About their Camair 480 Twin Navion, you can note that it is all wrapped with PBR textures with high resolution, and there are two versions included. One with “AS530/GTX330 (6 Liveries) and one with GTN750 (6 Liveries) Both with numerous steam gauges” wrote the developers. Dimmable lights, available failures and checklists are also listed among other features.

Flying around and landing at Myrtle Beach will give multiple opportunities, like flying over the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean on final in case of northbound wind, or there’s also a beautiful golfclub right behind the airport. No Limit Sky launched this new airport of South Carolina for MSFS at simMarket : open the product page to load more screens to see the terminal exterior details and 3D interior.

The US airport is located in Virginia, between Charlotte, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Skyline Simulations has designed the full airport of KROA Roanoke Blacksburg Regional/Woodrum Field in 3D up to the terminal interior with custom lighting effects. For sale at simMarket, this is their third MSFS scenery after KLGB Long Beach and KAST Astoria Regional.

San Antonio KSAT in Texas, USA, is the new airport scenery for MSFS launched at simMarket by iniBuilds. Similarly to their recent production, you will enjoy an accurate and very detailed airport with thousands of custom objects hand placed, on top of an outstanding ground polygon with exact signage and markings. Dynamic lights and airport interior complete the package and ensure the product can reach the highest standard to date. Visit simMarket for more screenshots. FeaturesAccurate and highly detailed ground polygonsThousands of custom objects hand placedDynamic airports lightsAirport interiorand many more.

Sometimes, among new aircraft released for MSFS, you can find one that you will clearly pick-up regularly for your next flights, wheter for a quick hop or for more challenging missions with realistic duties. The new Cessna 414AW Chancellor by Flysimware is among them and they are not many in the Business Aviation category. First of all, it has been developed with the technical and precious help of a real life pilot who owns this aircraft. This MSFS model reproduces the actual operations with realistic flight dynamics, dressed up with 4K PBR materials, shipping with Wwise soundset and a full… After Shangai, Hong Kong and New York, we have now Beijing added to the City Times MSFS collection of SamScene. Thousands of builds, and more landmarks, night effects and the Great Wall are featured to provide a realistic rendition of the huge metropolitan area in China.

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