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For your flights in the beautiful Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean, simMarket has now in stock the new Aerosoft scenery for X-Plane 11 that features all necessary and advanced features for an incredible experience. The islands are well detailed with custom Autogen, animated traffic on the roads and on the sea, landmarks and 13 airfields / 4 heliports with static aircraft parked there so you don’t feel alone.

Nice addition to the Northern African airports by FSDG : Casablanca GMMN is one of the most important ones in the region, and you get a quality scenery without bad compromise with the performance. It’s available now at simMarket : click here.

The software of FS Innovative Add-ons exists now as a bundle product named FS First Officer Professional Edition, compatible at once with a selection of Boeing airliners add-ons in P3D or FSX : PMDG 737 NGX/NGXu, 777, Qualitywings 787 and 757. It makes your flights more realistic with the help of a virtual copilot, with cuztomizable features that you can easily activate / or deactivate. Choose if you want him to read checklists, speeds, callouts and more. You can also ask him to proceed with the procedure flows and to check if all settings are correctly set.

After the release of Optimizations Packs for Prepar3D, and then French airports sceneries of Montpellier LFMT and St Tropez La Môle LFTZ also for P3D, Pilot Experience Sim has now locked on one of the Top 10 airports in France. Bordeaux Merignac LFBD serves the western region of France. Its P3D4 scenery is a product of almost 1 Gb to download, with PBR materials and SODE animations inside.

Among the different news related with JustSim that have been flowing in these last days, do not miss the release of Rhodes Intl V2 For X-Plane 11. This version 2 enhances both the Greek airport and the island with new textures, new models and Autogen. New in v2.0: new parkings on apron runway number changed to 06/24 new models added new textures added new routes for World Traffic custom autogen added for whole island

Since its release in 2017, I really hope that you master the normal procedures, full startup procedure from dark and cold cockpit. Adding FS2Crew on top is like a hot sauce for the first time, it stings at the beginning but you will like the new and immersive experience. For your PMDG 747 Queen Of The Sky II, its FS2Crew edition is now available at simMarket to go through the exact airline procedures with the help and interaction of your complete crew. The copilot follows his tasks, reads checklists, the ground crew and cabin attendant are also simulated for more…

Accurate replica of an oxygen mask for the crew in the cockpit. It doesn’t blow oxygen but there’s a microphone with a jack so you can communicate with the mask set on. Perfect if you believe there’s no boundaries to the simulation and immersion. For sale at 15% OFF until February 28th, by the makers of the Airbus sidestick and rudder pedals devices.

The enhancements by JustSim of the capital airport in Belgium include the ground polygon designed by following SDK requirements of P3D v4.4+, the addition of VDGS dock system and of the SODE animated jetways for A380. If you want the version 2 of Brussels EBBR with these new features and new textures, purchase it as an upgrade price via simMarket.

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