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Mark Cranston of the Historic Jetliners web site writes “……Announcing the arrival of HJG’s latest website update and a magnificent flightline of great new classic jetliner files for FS2004/FSX.  New HJG Boeing fleet/type representation this month features B707-120B, -320, & -320B aircraft of a US inclusive tour/charter operator based in Germany during the early 1980’s, and B707-120B, -320B ADVC, & B720-020B aircraft of an Israeli supplemental carrier also from the early 1980’s era……”.

Other new HJG Boeing textures include an ultra-rare B707-138B diplomatic transport currently owned by an African state government …B707-320(F) aircraft, 1 leased from a major British airline during the mid 1970’s then briefly operated in a mega-rare hybrid Iraqi livery, and another used by a major US powerplant manufacturer for engine tests during the early 1990’s …New B707-320B ADVC’s in the late 1980’s livery of a major Greek airline, a lesser known operator from Kenya along with an attractively liveried diplomatic aircraft from Zaire of the late 1990’s …B707-320C’s in 1980’s liveries from Egypt and Libya, an aircraft operated by the cargo division of a major Brazilian carrier during the late 1980’s, a colorful Miami based freighter which serviced Latin American routes throughout the early 1990’s, and a diplomatic aircraft of a Middle Eastern state government and the mid 1990’s …A rare B720-020 operated by a US travel club during the 1970’s. And 2 B720-020B aircraft, 1 used for engine flight testing by a major US powerplant manufacturer during 2003, and another featuring a rare executive livery from more recent times.

New military textures for HJG’s Boeing KC135-E, & -R aircraft include a USAF Tiger Meet livery from the late 1990’s, and the 40th anniversary scheme applied to a French Air Force aircraft during 2004.

HJG’s newest British Aerospace texture represents an attractive livery for an RJ100 aircraft briefly operated during the late 1990’s by a prominent domestic carrier from Colombia.

New textures for HJG’s CV880’s feature an early 1970’s Delta Air Lines livery applied to a just few of that airlines aircraft, and a mega-rare CV880-22 AIRLIFTER operated by a Venezuelan freight carrier of the late 1970’s.

New HJG Douglas fleet/type representation this month features DC8-33F, -61CF, -63F, & -73F aircraft in the 1980’s livery of a major international freight company.

Other new HJG Douglas textures include extremely rare early 1970’s DC8-33’s from Belgium and Ceylon …Equally rare mid 1970’s DC8-43’s from Ceylon and Zambia …A Nigerian DC8-55F freighter of the early 1990’s …DC8 SUPER 62’s in the mid 1970’s experimental livery of a major US carrier, and the attractive scheme of an aircraft currently operated by an international VIP/charter service …2 DC8 SUPER 63F’s recently serviced the Middle East under the title of a British freight company …A lesser known PAX configured DC8 SUPER 71 from Paraguay and the early 1990’s era. And the rare hybrid livery of DHL/Emery Air Freight DC8 SUPER 73F aircraft from 1993.

Product improvement is an important part of HJG’s commitment to FS. Texture upgrades this month feature an improved rare natural metal livery for a LAN Chile Cargo B707-320C from 1991 …A more authentic 1980’s ARCA Colombia livery for DC8-51F …And enhanced National Airlines “Sun King” liveries for DC8-32, -51, -54F, & -61 aircraft of the late 1960’s era.

All this and a great deal more are now available for “FREE” download from our web site….”.

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