T-45C Goshawk Under Construction

Dino Cateano of Italy is working on a new project for FSX:Accelleration: the T-45C Goshawk. “….. The scope of the project is to provide a reasonable simulation of the BAe/Boeing T-45C Goshawk jet trainer, a heavyly modified and carrier-capable version of the BaE Hawk, currently employed by U.S. Navy to train naval aviator candidates to strike and carrier operations…..”.

“….. The main features of my FSX version are:

– FSX-compliant external model, including bloom, self shadowing and bump maps
– Full virtual cockpit, with 3D gauges, MFD and HUD. Due to several constraints the cockpit will only be partially functional. HUD and MFD will be aliased from FSX:Acceleration F/A-18
– Full FSX:Acceleration carrier CATOBAR compatibility…..”.

More details can be found on Dino’s blog !

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