BFG GeForce GTX 280 OCX Review

Guru3D looked at an NVidia 280 graphics card this time. Unfortunately they don’t test with FSX, or they might have reported about some of the problems that owners of these 280’s appear to have with FSX. “…..OCX is short for ‘Overclocking eXtreme’ and it literally boils down to the fact that this is BFG’s most high-end specced product in whatever the product range might be…..”.

“…… We take the fastest NVIDIA single GPU graphics card available on the planet. The GeForce GTX 280. A 1400 million transistor counting piece of merchandise that raises the bar of single-GPU graphics processing. But first a quick peek at the demonic product we are reviewing today in our test-environment. And I say demonic as the core domain frequency of this product is clocked at the number of the devil himself — 666…..”.

Full story here.

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