TrackIR Pro4 With Discount

TrackIR Pro 4 now available from simMarket with a nice discount! “….. The new and improved TrackIR 4 Pro now includes the Vector for full 6 DOF head tracking capability. With a 30% larger tracking and movement area and greater response time and resolution, the TrackIR 4 once again sets the standard for head tracking technology. The brand new design clips easily onto any monitor…..”.“…… The TrackIR4 Proâ„¢ is the perfect enhancement for gamers and simmers looking for a competitive edge and an enhanced virtual reality experience. Your situational awareness is dramatically increased. Imagine controlling your field of view in flight simulators, first person shooters, racing sims and many other types of games by simply looking around!

The TrackIR 4:PRO includes full 6DOF capability using NaturalPoint’s exclusive Vector Technology. This literally means that users can move their head any direction and have their game view move correspondingly — instantly providing improved situational awareness in flight and racing sim cockpits, or on the field of battle. Vector allows you to expand your view control to a full range of motion, in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF) including X, Y and Z axis, plus yaw, pitch and roll. No matter how or which direction you move your head, Vector instantly captures it with extreme precision and accuracy……”.

Get it here through simMarket.

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