REX Support Forum Opened

Reed Stough of Real Environment Simulations (formerly known as Calibre Software) is announced opening a ‘forum of their own’ for their upcoming product release of Real Environment Xtreme for Flight Simulator X. “…..  You may visit and sign up at the forum and possibly win a free copy of Real Environment Xtreme….”.Stough continues to write that “…… Real Environment Xtreme takes the environment of Flight Simulation to an unprecedented level never seen before. This environment add-on not only enhances visual realism, but matches that realism to the underlying weather platform, creating a whole new world in Flight Simulation.

Real Environment Xtreme is not just another paint program for textures. The development team has spent nearly the past two years carefully cataloging and photographing real life cloud structure, sky scenes, water scenes and airport environments, all ready to be injected within Flight Simulator.

With over a year in development and refinement, Real Environment Xtreme brings a full array of tools to the sim pilot. With a full Flight Planner, a proven Weather Engine, and Weather Avoidance Tool, Real Environment Xtreme gives the pilot all they need to make that important bush, recreational, general, or even commercial carrier flights…….”.

For more information, go here.

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