VA Websites Announced

Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “….. next week we’ll start our new VA Website Hosting Service at FSAddon Publishing. More and more people are starting their own fictional aviation company, complemented by ever increasing complex administration software and FS models. However, setting up a website often is a problem. That’s where we are coming to the rescue. We’ll be offering basic websites, including a VA framework, for a mere $30 a year !…..”.

“….. Of course there will be a whole range of additional offerings ranging from inclusion of administration pages all the way up to full-blown web apces and even site design. But the basic, starting VA owner can get his own site for only $ 30. And since we’re simmers ourselves, he’ll even get some support with that! The sites are set up using the very popular WordPress weblog software, assuring ease of use and many plug-ins to add functionality

Keep an eye on the news and on our website…. we expect to have the entire organization up and running by next weekend !….”.

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