First Class Simulations writes “….. Take control of the silent hunter as the Predator seeks out its prey. Whether engaged in espionage, anti-terrorist operations, or dealing a blow to crime cartels the Predator UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) brings airborne surveillance into the 21st century….”.
“…… Under the control of a skilled operator the Predator can penetrate enemy territory and gather intelligence, avoiding detection by hostile forces, relaying real-time data to the Ground Control Station. In a shadowy world where there are no second chances the fate of nations is determined by the deadly spy in the sky.
In a revolutionary breakthrough for Flight Simulator the Predator UAV is at your disposal and can be operated from the Ground Control station, utilising electronic display screens to guide the UAV to its target. Alternatively, take direct hands-on control of the Predator utilising a custom camera view that puts you in the thick of the action.
Command airborne operations where the risk is too great to deploy a manned aircraft. A raft of missions for Flight Simulator X, puts you in the hot seat where mission success depends on split second decision making and absolute accuracy in handling the UAV.  Flying the Predator across mountain ranges and at high speed through narrow canyons demands an operator with nerves of steel and a will of iron in pursuit of the target. Battle through the snows of the Arctic in search of a downed spy satellite, trying to keep one step ahead of the opposition in a frantic search to recover data vital to Allied interests. Pit your wits against ruthless terrorists in a tropical archipelago or race against the clock in a dramatic game of hide and seek across continental Europe and much much more.
The Predator demands the finest operator, adept at deploying the aircraft on vital missions across the globe. With so much at stake there can only be one outcome, total mission success. Do you have the courage to put the fate of the free world in your own hands?….”.

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