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Mark Cranston of the HJG writes “…… Announcing the arrival of another HISTORIC JETLINERS GROUP (HJG) website update …. comprising of both new and updated textures, models, and FDE. Here’s what we’ve just released ! New HJG Boeing textures include a mega-rare B707-320 (F) freighter once operated by a historic Colombian carrier during the late 1970’s, and an equally rare B707-320C which served a Brizilian freight carrier during the late 1990’s …. And a new USAF KC135-R livery from 2005…..”.
“…… A new NKC135-E Aircraft Base Pack supported by 2 USAF aircraft from 2002 …. and a new TC18-E Aircraft Base Back supported by 4 upgraded USAF textures from both the 1992 and 2004 era are also now available.

But that’s not the lot !

All HJG B367-80, B707, and B720 FDE has been revised with further improvements …. see HJG website notices for further information regarding this !

A great new selection of textures for ARNZ/HJG BAe 146-300/RJ-100 aircraft featuring the period liveries of Australian domestic carriers from the 1990’s …. 2 of which are 1995 hybrid schemes promoting a popular Australian tourist destinations …. A British registered freighter operated on behalf of a major international courier company during the mid 1990’s …. And an aircraft operated by the express/feeder division of a major US airline during the early 1990’s

The latest HJG Convair textures include the 1961 General Dynamics/Convair house livery applied to the very first production CV990 …. A selection of rare and almost forgotten hybrid Swissair CV990-A liveries for aircraft leased to Air Afrique, Air Ceylon, and Ghana Airways during the mid 1960’s …. 2 hybrid SPANTAX CV990-A liveries, one for an aircraft leased to a major Spanish operator during 1964, and the other featuring an aircraft which supported a rare combination of both old and new SPANTAX livery during 1985 …. And 2 SAS CV990-A’s once leased to a major South East Asian carrier during the very early 1960’s.

And last but by no means least of all !

HJG’s newest Douglas textures feature 2 extremely rare DC8-33F aircraft operated by a major Colombian freight carrier and among the last turbojet powered DC8’s to remain in service by the late 1990’s …. And a mega-rare DC8-54F which served US Post during the early 1990’s era.

As usual …. all this, and a whole lot more too, is now available for “FREE” download and your private FS enjoyment from this website ….”.

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