Diamond DA-20 By WSSimulation

A new designer on simMarket is WSSimulation with their DA20 product. “……. The Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1 is the best composite two-place piston-engine trainer and now can be enjoyed in Flight Simulator X with a completely active 3D cockpit. This is a highly detailed replica of the Diamond DA-20 C1 Eclipse. The package contains five real liveries, such as US Air Force Academy livery and also includes a  PDF User Manual with real information. This Manual has the aircraft control panel description and a very extensive checklist…..”.


“….. The Cockpit is a very accurate 3D model and fully interactive. It is made in Gmax and all switches are controlled like a real aircraft (except Cabin Heat) with your animations. Fully animated cockpit: stick, flap selector, pedal rudders, throttle, mixture, parking break, carb. heat, alt. air levers, 9 electrical switches, canopy, prime switch and fuel pump…..”.

Available from simMarket’s on-line shop of course.

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