New Release Of CheckList Manager

SEA Development has released a new update for CheckList Manager Fs2004 (update 0.4) and CheckList Manager X (update 0.1). The updateis for Captain Sim’s Legendary C-130 and Legendary C-130 X-perience. More then 200 specific calls, realistic engines start-up, audible flaps calls to help the pilot during approach and an impeccable flaps/speed control for perfect landing!!!
Available here at simMarket.


Customers who purchased  CheckList Manager X before January will receive the current version of CheckList Manager X (more integrated inside FsX).  Future updates are planned for the Captain Sim 757-200 and PMDG’s MD-11. Find CLM Fs2004  here and CLMX  here. In order to receive the update you can contact the author Michele Giandomenico at, reporting your CheckList Manager Version and your order number !

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