Day: January 27, 2009

Parting Message On FSInsider

‘Someone’ wrote a last message on Micosoft’s FSInsider site, the web site dedicated to supporting FSX. The only positive thing in the message is that

Canary Islands Gold Edition

Sim Giants Ltd have now bundled their earlier titles into a ‘Gold Edition’, containing Tenerife Nord (GCXO), Fuerteventura (GCFV) and El Hierro Airport (GCHI). The

First Class Simulations Titles

First Class Simulations from the UK has released a number of products on simMarket. Among them UAV Predator, World War I Fighters, Early Years of

St. Louis Satellite Scenery From Newport

Newport has released yet another phototexture scenery title for FSX. “….. Photo Real St. Louis X is a framerate-friendly scenery that displays the beauty of

FeelThere’s Airbus Checklists

FeelThere has published two checklict programs for Wilco’s (FeelThere’s) airbus. The programs have a co-pilot read out the various checklists for the Airbus to you

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