Parting Message On FSInsider

fsxboxes‘Someone’ wrote a last message on Micosoft’s FSInsider site, the web site dedicated to supporting FSX. The only positive thing in the message is that it states that FSX will remain on sale in the shops. It also means that if you have to re-install, you will still be able to activate it. But it also asks ‘us simmers’ for understanding of the decision and ‘our continued support’. Personally, I have no understanding at all for it, and am wondering ‘support of what exactly ????’. You can read it here…. oh and don’t forget to join our Facebook group for the REAL support. Already more than a thousand flightsim fans did !!

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Paul Laube
Friday, January 30, 2009 00:02

Francois I think I still have Solo Flight too, was it Micropose?
There goes some more brain cells of mine.

Thursday, January 29, 2009 13:34

Since you’re talking ‘history’ – which is what a lot of this is all about really – how’s about reminding you of the FS History site of my friend Jos Grupping:

I think ‘Solo Flight’ was my first ‘graphical’ sim, apart from the Artwick series.

Paul Laube
Thursday, January 29, 2009 11:21

Yep have it here too, yeah JC I believe you are correct on the axing, and we also had Fly, and Fly II. Yeah day after I got Sierra Pro Pilot 2000, I got wiped out by Hurricane Dennis, remember it well. Yeah the old days of downloading from CompuServe with discounted rates for massive phone bills. True sim dedication.

Thursday, January 29, 2009 09:08

“How many here remember Sierra Pro Pilot?”

Hey, I do 🙂 If my memory serves me right, Pro Pilot 2000 was axed by the beancounters days before its release. I vaguely recall the original version had some serious issues. I still have a copy around here somewhere, but I never used it much. The manuals were great though.

Ian P
Thursday, January 29, 2009 08:21

I don’t quite hit Sublogic days – my entry into the MSFS world was FS4 and, shortly after, Compuserve’s FSForum and FS5, then 5.1CD when it was released. Gemini UK scenery on FS4 with its totally skewed co-ordinates system and my amazement that Halfpenny Green was in it, with a C152 parked outside BATS and the logo on the building… which was white, rather than a wireframe. It was a lot different to the flight sims I’d flown prior to that. You compare FS4 to FSX now and look how far we’ve come. FSFS brought about the biggest change –… Read more »