Virtual World Air Games In Italy

“….. Just a few months short to the opening ceremony of the World Air Games 2009, that will take place in Turin from the 6th to the 14th of June 2009. This important aeronautical event is enriched by the presence for the first time of flight simulation in an official contest, thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Virtual Pilots. PVI has received the commission to organize a virtual aeronautical event, using flight simulators….”.“….. It will begin with a “combat” contest that will take place at the Air Village expressly equipped for the event: 15 stations will be mounted and the same number of virtual pilots will use them simulating missions with f-16 aircraft, using Falcon 4 simulator and World War Two aircraft on the IL-2 simulator. They will fly dogfights, aircraft carrier landings and speed contests.

Subscription to the event is open to Italian and foreign crews willing to enter this virtual arena. During the week, the same flight sim stations, guarded by the PVI pilots, will be open to the public that will have the possibility to fly a small general aviation aircraft.
From Thursday 12 june , the stations will be used for the civil flight sim contest which will be divided in IFR and VFR flight challenges with full virtual Air Traffic Control coverage. Also in this case subscriptions are open to all the crews willing to take the challenge.
For the inscriptions, free of charge, or for more information, contact the following E-mail address wag2009 at…..”.

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