How To Fly A DME Arc

lrops-757767dmearc100x100And if you have no idea what we’re talking about, then probably this product isn’t for you. If you ARE and always wanted to know, check out LROPS’ latest pfdf file with the above title. “…… This bundle contains two of LROPS’ latest products: a tutorial on how to fly a DME arc with the 757/767 FMC and ILS procedural limitations for the Boeing 757/767 airframe itself…..”.

“……The LROPS Boeing 75/767 series is ideal for new simmers and those who would call themselves professionals. Our goal is to provide information to pilots who are serious about learning the complexities of the Boeing 75/767 series. Our tutorials and lessons are commended highly by our customers, one of which is a real world pilot himself……”.

On the simMarket store shelves.

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