XtoMDLGui Converter From Razbam

x2mdlguiRonald Zambrano of Razbam reports “……. Microsoft’s FSX SDK provided developers with all the tools needed for scenery and/or aircraft creation for Flight Simulator X, but they were designed for the intermediate up to the expert coder and not for the casual (in most cases) freeware developer who creates aircraft as a hobby. Even as in the FSX SDK there are Gmax plug ins tools (export tools) which are easy to use, most if not all 3DSMAX users stumble over the fact that the export process from a .X file into a full animated .mdl using the XtoMdl tool is a rather complex process for those without basic coding knowledge.

Razbam’s XtoMdlGUI solves this just by a single installation, all you have to do ONCE is to fill the required fields needed for creating the command….”.

Read more about this practical additional tool and purchase it from Ron’s website here.

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