Aerosoft To Distribute Rise of Flight

RiF_biggerMathijs Kok from Aerosoft reports that they are”….. delighted and proud to announce that they will be the exclusive European distributor for Rise Of Flight. Aerosoft will also release this product for the Middle Eastern and Central Europe markets.

Rise Of Flight is the latest in a long line of PC Flight Simulators featuring the air combat over the Western Front during the First World War. Together with the Battle of Britain this era is known as the pinnacle of aerial combat. The best pilots from both sides met in the sky with equally matched machines and without the conditions favoring either party. Pilot skill determined the outcome. Flight Simulator fans always appreciated the simplicity of the aircraft and weapons of this period allowing the pilot to focus on the dog fight and not on the systems. …”.

More info on the developer’s site here.

“….. The best known aircraft of 1917and 1918 are included (Albatros  D.5, Fokker D.VII, DFW C.5,  Brequet Bre.14, Nieuport Nie.17, Nieuport Nie.28, Spad S.13, Royal Air Factory SE.5) and each is modeled in great detail.  Simulation of the engines and weapons is highly realistic. The world around you is far from a static backdrop to your flights. Over 100.000 km2 of highly realistic terrain (including Lille, Cambrai, Reims and Verdun) complemented with a sophisticated weather model create a theater of operations where you will engage the enemy. On the ground you will see the first tanks rolling towards the enemy and trains and trucks that supply the front line.  The front line is marked with trenches, explosions and a dangerous area because of the anti-aircraft.

After completing the training flights you can fly single missions to perfect your skills. The career mode is the next logical step and you will join a squadron and follow one of several campaigns. Of course an advanced mission builder is included so you can make missions and share them with your friends. If you so desire you can fight other pilots on the internet or join one of the many virtual squadrons.

As our customers are used to we will be supporting the product with community forums, additional help documents, game servers and we will have our own Aerosoft Squadron that will try to dominate the virtual skies. The release of the English boxed version is expected in July 2009, the download version will follow early August. German and Spanish/French versions will follow late summer.

Rise of Flight is created by the well acclaimed Moscow game developer neoqb based on the new Digital Nature game engine. The years of development created a true new generation of flight simulation that makes the best use of modern hardware (including TrackIr)…..”.

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