Lionheart Creations Wittman Tailwind

Lioneart tailwind

Bill Ortis’ planes (Lionheart Creations) are getting better and better. His latest release is that of the Wittman Tailwind, a homebuilt aircraft from the 50’s and a joy to fly both in FS2004 and FSX. “….. The world famous 2 seater speedster of the American Homebuilt sector, the 200 MPH, wooden winged Tailwind designed by famous air racer Steven Wittman. This world famous plane, originally designed in the 1950’s, graces the skies internationally with radical high speed performance, extremely inexpensive contruction, and provide regular people with a fun, enjoyable way of flying. This comes with both the W8 and W10 series model variants.
Comes with both full versions for FS2004 and FSX. FSX features all new FSX format textures systems….”.

Available here in the simMarket shop. And the introductory price of  of only Euro 12,05 (Euro 14,34 for EU customers) is valid for ONE WEEK!“….. Features

This package features 2 aircraft; the Wittman Tailwind W-8 Series and the W-10 series. The W-8 series has both versions of landing gear; regular and wheel skirts.

The two aircraft both fly slightly different, with the W-10 having a high performance engine and the W-8 having a more common powerplant. The W-10 will cruise at 180 MPH (not Knots) and will max out at 200 MPH. The W-8 cruises at 140 to 160 MPH and maxes out at 180 MPH.

Instrument panels are also different between the two models. The panel in the W-10 is much more elaborate and includes an avionics stack, while the W-8 is equipped with minimal instrumentation needed for flight….”.

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