Day: July 2, 2009

Flight 447 Fell Straight Down

Associated Press reports that “…..A French investigator says Air France Flight 447 did not break up in flight but plunged vertically into the Atlantic Ocean.

New Brand Name Launched: Accent’Sim

Francois Dumas of Publishing reports that “….. we are launching a new brand name in the flightsim industry: Accent’Sim. Under this name we will

Piper Seneca From Carenado

Carenado reports they have released their “…… first twin engine aircraft ever; the classic PA-34 200T SENECA II for FSX. This aircraft is full FSX

Destin/Fort Waltin From Newport

Tyler Newport has released yet another of his groundtexture areas. “….. Photo Real Destin/Fort Walton, FL is a ground texture replacement package that overlays the

Alphasim Releases Dauphin Helicopter

Phil over at Alphasim reports the release of a french Dauphin helicopter. “……  AlphaSim’s package includes both the earlier N1 version as well as the

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