Alphasim Releases Dauphin Helicopter

AS-ALPHA_AS365NPhil over at Alphasim reports the release of a french Dauphin helicopter. “……  AlphaSim’s package includes both the earlier N1 version as well as the modified N2, each in VIP transport and MedEvac guises. One thing the Dauphin is known for is the variety of colorful paint schemes which were applied to its sleek lines, our model set does not disappoint here, there are no less than eight colorful texture sets (including a fictional US Coast Guard one), with matching interior colors….”. “…… The models feature different interior fittings for VIP and MedEvac, the latter sporting a working winch on the N2 version. The FSX is as usual where the model looks its best, self-shadowing and bump mapping adding to the appreciation of the Dauphin’s classic shape.
FSX also adds some more detail, including a third crew member in the MedEvac version and added VC detailing in all versions. A superb set of Dauphin sounds by Adriano Martoni is included with both sim versions, these reproduce that special Dauphin whirring to a tee. Both FS9 and FSX-specific flight models make the Dauphin a pleasure to fly. 6 months in development, this is a great package for both beginners and conaisseurs alike. Owners of the FS9 version can get the FSX version FREE.
For FS2004 AND FSX (unique packages, FSX NOT a portover). …..”.

More info here.

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