Taburet’s Idaho Photoscenery

Taburet-IdahoMore photoscenery from Raimondo Taburet. Raimondo writes “….. This is a photorealistic scenery and an edit of the default airstrip of Johnson Creek in Idaho – code 3U2. It covers all the area around the airstrip (see coverage.jpg) for exact extension. It comes with 4 seasons photorealistic textures set – and a full autogen coverage.

Johnson Creek Airport (FAA LID: 3U2) is a grass airstrip located in Central Idaho three miles (5 km) south of Yellow Pine, a village in Valley County, Idaho, United States. It is managed by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics of the Idaho Transportation Department. A caretaker resides at the field and as a result,  the turf runway is well cared for. Johnson Creek is in the category of backcountry airstrips and is popular with pilots who enjoy airplane camping….”.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009 09:34

sF.COM: Taburet’s Idaho Photoscenery http://bit.ly/12QGIA

Thursday, July 16, 2009 10:08

From the network: Taburet’s Idaho Photoscenery: More photoscenery from Raimondo Taburet. Raimon.. http://bit.ly/Vkb7A