Cessnock Airport From Orbx

OrbxJohn Venema of Orbx reports that he is “…… pleased to announce the release of YCNK Cessnock Airport, which is situated right in the heart of the picturesque New South Wales Hunter Valley (about one hour’s flight north of Sydney). The lush Hunter Valley is home to many acclaimed wineries and a thriving olive industry. A short flight from both YPEC Aeropelican and YWVA Warnervale, this airport is the final in Orbx’s NSW Central Coast series……”.

“….. YCNK also includes Orbx’s new FTX Aero airport environment tool, which is powered by REX. FTX Aero create ultra-detailed bump mapping and markings to an airfield like nothing seen before.

Covering nearly 100 square kilometres in 60cm/pixel photoreal, and the airport in 15cm/pixel photoreal, this atmospheric scenery features full four seasons photoreal colouring, full integration with FTX AU GOLD or FTX Australia SP3, hyper-accurate autogen annotation for as-real-as-you-get approaches and circuits, every farm, house, winery, school, golf course, resort and university is accurate represented across the entire area,
beautifully modeled airport buildings, watermasks for all dams, lakes and water bodies, modeled wineries close to the airport, the Cessnock township and the racecourse in photoreal, perfectly aligned roads and moving traffic, 3D night lighting for very atmospheric dusk/dawn flights, GA AI Traffic movement and a complete set of custom sound like birds, traffic, machinery, aircraft and people conversing.

Cessnock Airport is one of the most detailed and immersive GA airports Orbx has yet released. Best of all, despite this impressive amount of detail, it has the highest frame frates of any Orbx airport released so far……”.

YCNK is available now for download purchase from their website.

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