Flight1 Aviation At Oshkosh

F1-G1000-oshkoshJeff Smith of Flight reports that “……. Flight1 Aviation Technologies is now displaying at the Oshkosh Airventure show (July 27 — August 2, 2009) at Building “B” Booths 2106 — 2107 and will be showcasing several of their most current products including the new Fligh1Tech/PFC G1000.

About the Fligh1Tech/PFC G1000 – Flight1 Aviation Technologies and Precision Flight Controls have teamed up to provide the aviation community with an effective way to learn, use and become proficient with the highly advanced G1000 glass cockpit systems……”.

“…… Flight1’s G1000 software solution paired with PFC’s G1000 hardware / Bezel interface will provide you with real tactile feedback / functionality needed for proper operation and training, each button and knob is fully functional and performs identically to its real-world counterpart.

Flight1’s G1000 software comes with built-in WAAS navigation capabilities, and is capable of flying LPV “glide slope” approaches, holds, procedure turns, and has many more features that are necessary for proper and proficient usage of the G1000 system.

The Fligh1tech/PFC G1000 provides a very cost effective solution when compared with integrating real world units used for training; allowing smaller flight schools and training operations to provide affordable and proficient G1000 training with more manageable investments. It is designed to work with Microsoft’s ESP, FSX and X-Plane.

Flight1 will also be showcasing their Citation Mustang simulation on Monday and Tuesday.

For more information contact us here….”.

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