SSM2007 Service Pack 4.0 Released

SSM2007 Space Shuttle Simulator
SSM2007 Space Shuttle Simulator

In a press release Exciting Simulations reports that they have “….released the new free Major Service Pack 4.0 for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator. This is the an exciting and significant development as it adds support for highly realistic R-BAR, TORVA, V-BAR and TORF procedures which are used for docking with the ISS….”.

To learn more about this and their product, visit their dedicated web site here.

“….. This new Service Pack will test the skill, patience and perseverance of all virtual Astronauts as they are expected to dock the ISS using procedures very close to the ones used by the real NASA Astronauts.

Exciting Simulations has also released the updated “Commander’s Reference Manual” version 3.5, to assist the virtual Astronauts with the new features.

Since mastering the new procedures require training and a thorough understanding of orbital mechanics and command of the Shuttle and its various rendezvous, tracking and docking systems, the unofficial SSM2007 Fans has released a number of detailed training videos aimed at shortening the learning process. Check them here …..”.

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