News for the Wilco Airbus

MCDUConsistencyOur reader Stephan Schäfer has sent in this bit of information: “Eric Marciano is providing a driver which allows the full integration of the Cockpitsonic MCDU into the Wilco Airbus (similar to the integration of the Engravity CDU into the PMDG 737). Currently only Vol. 1 is supported, but according to his website Vol. 2 will follow with no additional charge.

The interesting part about this is hidden in a small note at the end of the page; along with the driver comes an additional update for the Wilco Busses with several improvements. Since I couldn’t find anywhere else a link for this update it seems you have to pay 95,- Euro for the MCDU driver in order to patch your Wilco Bus.”

Actually there is a link explaining the update details: “In addition to the MCDU integration, the installation of this module upgrades the Airbus aircrafts in a significant way. Many improvements and new features have been added to this module, which makes your Airbus aircrafts much more powerful and pleasant to fly. This global upgrade is described in details in the MCDU module documentation here.”

Thank you Stephan!

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