Day: October 27, 2009

It Takes All Sorts…..

Here’s a story about a guy who spent $ 50.000 on building a simulator in his garage. Now, obviously we are stinking jealous, since 99%

Aerosoft’s MyTraffic 2010

MyTraffic 2010 at the Aerosoft download shop adds 800.000 flights a day from 8200 airports, to your FSX installation. And not only airlines are included.

Ship Console Now On simMarket

Added to the hardware pages today at simMarket is the VRinsight Ship Console. Yes, you heard right, a panel for ship simulators ! “…. Whether

FSGenesis North Atlantic Coming

Justin Tyme reports that “…… FSGenesis North Atlantic Terrain has grown during production over the past week or so. Now including custom-built shorelines, as well

FSWidgets EFB 2004

FSWidget’s Electronic Flight Bag for FS2004 now also contains support for GMAP !!! “….. In real world aviation EFB devices usually consist of software and

City Bus Simulator New York

Yup, now available as download and in English. Drive your city bus through the busy streets of New York and try not to kill too

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