It Takes All Sorts…..

PanAmCabinFeverHere’s a story about a guy who spent $ 50.000 on building a simulator in his garage. Now, obviously we are stinking jealous, since 99% of all readers and writers on simFlight and beyond will not HAVE 50K to spend on their hobby….. or at ALL….. But it gets better! Not only is this dude loaded (or was) and must have the most understanding wife in the universe, he did NOT build a cockpit. Oh no…. he built a copy of a First Class PanAm Cabin !!! Do I hear a few people throw up????? Check the amazing story here.

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  2. Good on him, its not the money its doing what your happy doing i would say, mind you i have never heard of anyone going to all that work for a “cabin” and if the wife throws him out for a while at least he has somwhere cosy to go,!!lol.

    Best Wishes to him.

    Roger. UK.

  3. No…i think instead of having somewhere cozy to go if the wife is mad….she should make him wait on her own homemade SUPERUNCOMFORTABLE flooring, and make him wait, because as we all know, flying anywhere, anytime, even first class, involves DELAYS. She should simply place three chairs, the most uncomfortable she can find, and place them on some marble type flooring. Make sure you cannot stretch out or get any type of comfortable rest in the chairs, and possibly provide a ridiculously thin blanket/sheet, and something that barely resembles a pillow, and make a cheap sign letting him know exactly how many hours it will be before he can enjoy his first class cabin again. I’ve been dalayed overnight a few times…anyone else? LOL
    Doug Zabizewski
    P.S. Seriously though, way to go dude, dream big, and keep making those dreams happen, of course driving the rest of us insanely jealous in the process. LOL. Someone has got to do it, why not you? Enjoy it!

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