Day: October 29, 2009

Grumpy Tales

My good friend Miguel often calls me grumpy, a name that until recently I myself attached to quite a few people older than me. Since

767 Freighter Expansion Model

In yet another very terse press release from our friends in Kiev, we learn that “…… To continue the popular series of the 767 Captain

Roar ‘n Soar Weekend

Just a reminder for those of you living in Florida, or having the means to easily get there. Instead of going to the world’s biggest

News From FlyWare

Recently Flyware announced FsXPand 5.8. “….  FsXPand is a networked cockpit panel toolbox for FS featuring 737NG PFD/ND, 737/747/F100/F70 EICAS and generic gauges.  This version

Live In FSX

Is this name based on the expression ‘get a life’? But, for those of you who actually DO live ‘in’ FSX, the company with this

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