AirlineSim Launches Second Game World “Croydon”

Martin Simons of the German Simulogics GbR, reports “….. It has been three months since AirlineSim, the brower-based airline simulation game, took to the international stage by launching its first game world published solely in English. Since then the game and its community have grown tremendously in popularity, leading to a quick take-up of the 1200 available accounts. Therefore, another game world, named “Croydon”, will “take to the skies” on Monday, November 9th, 2009!…”.

“…. AirlineSim is the most advanced and complex airline simulation of its kind. Founded by aviation enthusiasts more than 7 years ago, the game has grown from the hobby of a few to a community of thousands of fans. In the summer of 2009 the game, previously available only in German, took to the international stage by launching an international community and a first English game server named after the Cypriot airport “Nicosia”.

AirlineSim offers all the things an aviation geek could wish for in an airline management game: Purchase aircraft, schedule flights, build your airline’s concept by selecting from a fine-grained palette of service options, keep an eye on competitors, allow transfers between your flights and those of your partners. Form alliances with other players and enjoy browsing authentic flight schedules, fleet lists and departure boards. Watch your flights take off and the money come in as the game proceeds in “real time”. Want to build a global airline or just a local island-hopper? The game’s unique passenger distribution system adds an unprecedented level of depth to the task of planning your route network – and gives you the opportunity to sink or swim according to your own planning abilities, rather than the cookie-cutter game systems you may have experienced in other airline simulations.

AirlineSim – build the airline of your dreams! Find it at

AirlineSim is published and produced by simulogics GbR, a software company registered in Frankfurt, Germany.

Why Croydon?

AirlineSim game worlds have traditionally been named after well-known but defunct airports that were in some aspect relevant to modern commercial aviation. Naturally, our second game world continues this tradition and will be named after the first commercial airport of London, England. Croydon was the first airport to introduce air traffic control, and served as London’s primary airport until it was replaced by today’s well-known airports at Gatwick and Heathrow (among others) in 1959….”.

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