AI Traffic Now For Everybody

MT-LiteMyTraffic X now comes in a ‘lite’ version and the developer writes “….. You’ve always wanted more aircraft in the skies around you. And you’ve always thought about buying one of the extensive AI packages that are on the market today. But you just KNOW it will be too complex to install, and you will not use all that’s included anyway.
So you postponed the purchase.
Well, good thing you did, because NOW there is MyTraffic X Lite !

Now you can have the best of two worlds. The very BEST AI traffic solution, brought to you by the Number One AI Traffic supplier MyTraffic, at a much lower price, much less complex to set up and with only a subset of aircraft and places. The airlines and places you probably fly MOST, i.e. USA and Europe….”. Available NOW at

“…. MyTraffic X Lite is the answer to the needs of the majority of flightsimmers. It contains a selection of  68 airliner and commuter models, and still 680 paints of 263 airlines. This selection has been chosen to show approximately 90% of all airliners that fly over Europe and North America, and approximately 80% of all commuters in these areas. In addition, some stock GA planes are added to populate the skies.

By installing MyTraffic X Lite you simply replace the stock Microsoft ‘fantasy airliners’ on the aiports of the USA and Europe by realistic airlines and aircraft. You will then see United and Frontier at Denver, Iberia in Madrid and Lufthansa in Frankfurt, to name but a few.  Nothing to worry about, no tools but the traffic density slider that Microsoft supplies, simple install and hardly any framerate hit.

Isn’t that what you always wanted from a powerful AI Traffic program? And now you have it, ‘at your fingertips’, just purchase, install and enjoy MyTraffic X Lite!

And should you become such an enthusiast, like many have after seeing real traffic, that you would want to add ALL aircraft in ALL regions, and maybe even tinker with the schedules, then you can always UPGRADE by purchasing MyTraffix X Pro with a huge discount (you basically only pay the difference in price between the two). …”.

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