Review: AS Beaver X Mission Pack

ASBXMPreview-logoHello fellow sim-pilots!  Today’s review brings me back to familiar territory.   A review of an add-on, where once again the story makers try to make FSX fresh, new, and challenging.

This review is about another Aerosoft Online product, this one called: Aerosoft Beaver X Mission Pack.  This mission pack also requires the FS2004 & FSX SP2/Acceleration compatible Aerosoft Beaver X (Sold separately).  I am not reviewing the plane model, but I will say it truly is a joy to fly and a great addition to any FSX collection.  (I guess I did review it a little bit after all LOL).This mission pack has 12 missions that will have you doing rescue duty, cargo shifting, tourist duty, firefighting duty, and even helping out Homeland Security, all this while you traverse the mountains and weather spanning Alaska and Western Canada.

A big plus for this program is the variety.  When I was doing my research I was pleasantly surprised as I read how diverse the missions were.

Another big plus, beautiful graphics without taxing frame rate.  This program is very pleasing to the eye, but don’t let the beautiful mountains and very lifelike streams etc. distract you, there is some serious weather that will have you off course and wondering where you are (if you chose to turn off the Compass and arrow that is, which is available for those who enjoy using those tools).

The voice overs are excellent, very high quality and at times even somewhat humorous.

This was one of the first programs where I had to have a specific plane bought separately, and although a separate investment, the Aerosoft Beaver is worth it and then some.  I have been doing several mountain based missions lately because that seems to be the trend right now.  There are also many Bush Pilot flying clubs and other Bush Pilot experiences available online, take a minute to search and you will be surprised at what you can find.  Having this plane available will pay off if you enjoy being a Bush Pilot even a little bit.

The missions themselves have variety within them flying both VFR and IFR sometimes both in the same mission, and landings on water, ice, snow, and of course a runway every now and then LOL.  So when I mentioned how the programmers try to make FSX fresh, new, and challenging, once again Aerosoft Online has hit the Bullseye.  This add-on has just the right amount of variety, challenge, quality, and imagination that makes it another one of their high quality add-ons.  I have reflown the missions for more than one reason, and messing with weather, and other variables found this to have quite a bit of replay value as well.

I usually try to save this area for negative comments, but I really don’t have any.  Some may thing that having to purchase the specific plane as well is a negative, but the Beaver is such an excellent plane to fly, and the graphics for it are simply awesome, that I feel it is a must have anyhow.  But I guess if there was a negative comment about this program that would be it.

Those of you who know me and have read my previous reviews understand I don’t like using 1 to 10 scales or a 5 star rating scale, I pretty much just stick to: this is worth the money, this is well worth the money, or simply go out and get it.  This program falls into the “it belongs in everyone’s collection” category, so I will keep this review short and sweet and wrap it up the usual way. J

Okay…once again I will stop talking about this product and give you the breakdown so you can get over to the web site and see for yourself what a great program this really is.

  1. At a glance:  Fantastic value for the cost.  With 12 missions, all quite different in many ways it breaks down, without vat, to roughly 1 Euro per mission.  That is a bargain for pretty much any professional add-on, and this one is above average quality to start with.
  2. Installation:  EXE.  For both the mission pack and the plane.  No problems with installation.
  3. Documentation:  Above average.  I enjoyed the history and some of the extra’s they added to mission briefings etc.  (As usual I am a spoiler-phobic, so I don’t want to give away the fun of discovering things for yourself, but the documentation is worth the read.
  4. Textures and presentation:  Above average, very good graphics, no hit to frame rate that I could notice and as usual I turned on every bell and whistle available.
  5. Extras:  Works well with several add-ons, including FS Force, Multi-Crew Experience, X-graphics, (not in any screen shots by the way, what you see is what you get), and FS Passenger without any noticeable change in frame rate at all. (All mentioned add-ons are sold separately and found for sale at

Doug Zabizewski

P.S.  I welcome opposing views, suggestions, comments, recommendations, etc.  In that light I would like to make myself available at the following web site, which also happens to be a good news source, and has a pretty interesting forum.   I will do my best to respond to any and all comments. Also please keep in mind, I am not paid to review any products.  These opinions are mine and mine alone.

At a Glance:

  • Installer: EXE — Easy installation for both missions and plane.
  • Documentation: DOC — Above average.  Dare I say entertaining and informative.
  • Modelling: FSX Format — Excellent for both missions and plane.
  • Texturing: BMP — Above average.
  • Extras: None.
  • Download Size: 70 Mb (like I always say…great things come in small packages J).
  • Price: EUR 14.95without VAT EUR 12.56
  • Link:, the link for the necessary plane is found at the same location, just click and it will take you directly to the plane required.
  • Test System: Intel Core2Duo E2220 @ 2.40 GHz-2.40 GHz, 4Gb RAM, Nvidea Geforce G100, Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (DX9), Saitek EVO force feedback joystick.
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