Call For Freeware Developers

fsc-beagle-240x234Ruud Faber is still very much involved in the Darwin ‘Beagle trip’  and writes “…… With the help of my good friends Chip Barber, Jaap van Hees and Francois Dumas, I am developing a series of  free missions for FSX. One of the next missions will be situated on the Galapagos Islands. In FSX these islands got almost no attention and the airports as well as the surroundings look completely abandoned.
Since the missions are free for all flightsimmers, we look for the help of developer(s) who like to join our group and help us out with free scenery covering these islands. Read this PDF file to get more information about the “Beagle” . Hope you will join us. Contact us here …..”.

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