HJG Repaints Added

Mark Cranston from New Zealand reports on his Historic Jetliners Group web site updates. “….. HJG have these past few weeks been hard at work on yet another flightline of new and upgraded B707, B727, CARAVELLE, DC8, and DC9 files in anticipation of its Christmas 2009/Santa’s Hangar website update …released today ! ….”.
“… New HJG Boeing textures include…

An Indonesian B707-120B from the late 1970’s; Rare 1970’s Bahamas and Indonesian liveries for the even more rare B707-138B; Early 1970’s identities for the B707-320 …representing aircraft from The Bahamas, Israel, and the UK… and among which is featured an extremely rare hybrid livery; A selection of past and recent B707-320C liveries representing…. The late 1970’s livery of an aircraft operated by the cargo division of a major Asian carrier; A rare and almost forgotten early 1980’s freighter from Peru; A military aircraft from Argentina and the early 1990’s; 3 variations of livery for military aircraft from Australia spanning the 1990’s until more recent times …..and among which is featured a hybrid scheme from 2008; A rare Indonesian freighter from the early 1990’s; And 3 equally rare liveries representing both PAX and freight aircraft from the African states and more recent times …..some of which are the worlds last remaining civil B707 operators.

The lesser known 1965 delivery scheme of a major low cost high frequency operator from the US west coast for early the production B727-100.

For the late late production B727-100 one of several variations of late 1970’s/early 1980’s livery representing a colorful classic/historic airline from the USA; Along with the hybrid livery for an the aircraft leased by an Israeli carrier from a major Colombian airline during the mid 1980’s.

And resembling a jar of jelly-beans …a selection of 10 colorful and different variations of late 1960’s/early 1970’s livery applied to the convertible B727-100C aircraft operated by a major classic airline from US civil aviation history.

A squadron of 9 different variations of equally colorful/attractive 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s liveries supported by the early production B727-200 aircraft operated by a classic/historic US airline.

B727-200 ADVC textures representing… The late 1980’s identities for 2 charter/holiday carriers …one from France and the other from Portugal; A British registered aircraft leased by a Maltese operator during the early 1990’s; The final and recent natural metal scheme applied to aircraft operated by a major US carrier; The attractive current red and white livery for an Algerian carrier; 3 variations of liveries featuring an African Congo based airline from more recent times. And a selection of 16 different variations of psychedelic liveries from the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s representing a very famous classic/historic airline from the USA.

And 2 recent variations of livery for a major international air freight company, as well as that for an African Congo based cargo operator …..both for B727-200F ADVC aircraft.

New HJG Douglas/McDonnell-Douglas textures and aircraft aircraft include…

A DC8-54F from the African Congo and more recent times, along with a mid 1980’s liveried DC8 SUPER 71F from Zimbabwe.

The 4th and most recent installment of HJG’s new and evolving DC9 project has also now been released …featuring the “DC9-30″… featuring standard PAX configured DC9-30, freight configured DC9-30F/CF, and experimental DC9-30RF (Refan) aircraft …supported by the following assortment of introductory textures…

The late 1960’s identity of a classic US operator; 2 variations of 1990’s era liveries supported by aircraft operated a historic major US international carrier; Attractive recent color schemes for 2 no longer existent US airlines; And 2 variations of livery representing another major but no longer existent US carrier …all for PAX configured DC9-30 aircraft.

DC9-30F textures representing the cargo divisions of 3 major international airlines include… both the 1960’s and 1970’s identities of an Italian operator; 4 examples of both 1970’s and 1980’s livery supported by aircraft operated by a Nordic carrier; And both 1970’s and 1980’s liveries of a Swiss airline.

The 1970’s era manufactures house colors have been authentically represented for the rare/experimental DC9-30RF (Refan) aircraft.

New HJG textures for the AFG CARAVELLE include…

The early 1960’s livery of an Algerian carrier for the early production CARAVELLE 3.

The late production CARAVELLE 3 is represented by another 2 mid 1970’s aircraft from Scandinavia, and 4 different variations of early 1960’s identities featuring a major airline from Switzerland.

And a particularly attractive gold, black, and white livery for a north African carrier for CARAVELLE 6R.

Perfection and product enhancement remain an integral part of HJG’s FS work resulting in the following selection of upgraded files…

A much improved HEWA BORA AIRLINES texture for the B707-320C; Minor corrections to documentation accompanying both 1974 SAS (SE-DAF only) and 1969 SWISSAIR (HB-ICY only) textures for the late production CARAVELLE 3; And updated Gauges/Core files Packages for HJG B707/720, CV880, CV990, and DC8 panels …see todays HJG Website update announcement for further information.

All this …..and a great deal more… is now available for your “FREE” FS enjoyment and only from the following website address…

HJG also take this opportunity to wish everyone a pleasant Christmas and prosperous/successful 2010 year…..”.

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