Mycockpit Podcasts

Vybhava Srinivasan  reports that “……, the worlds largest community for home cockpit builders, is proud to announce two new Podcasts, in association with ‘Tips And Discussions” 2nd Edition, with Ian and ‘Builder Of The Month’ for February 2010 with Shawn Lund  …..”.
“…. In this Edition of Tips And Discussions we talk to the famous Ian, well known for his wonderful B737 project. In this edition we talk all about inputs. And Shawn is the creator of an unique project, someone who has chosen something different, since he is not exactly a home cockpit builder, but I am sure we can draw a lot of inspiration from his approach. MyCockpit Podcast can be found here.
Mycockpit continues in the future with further Podcast editions of Tips And Discussions, Feature Interviews and Builder Of the Month interviews…..”.
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