Aerosoft just released Andras Field /Andras Airpark

Andras Field / Andras Airpark has just been released. Andras Field is a fictive airport based in Southern Bavaria (so very close to the heart of Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland etc) at the foot of the alps. It is very much a multipurpose airport as it can handle medium airliners, helicopters., gliders and even large seaplanes.

The design uses a lot of new ideas, for example motion-capture to do some of the complex animations and even after many hours of use there are always new things to explore, for example the first fight (not flight) in FSX.Andras Airpark is an option for people who really like this project and would like their own house and hangar in FSX. Sounds a bit complex and in a way it is. But just check out the screen shots and then read the forums a bit and you”ll soon know all you need to know.Aerosoft is also looking for people to manage the whole project as they intend it to be fully customer driven. It’s a special project but it seems to be great fun and a lot of potential customers already participated on the forums.

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